Rights & Claims

Auto accidents, they are never convenient. Let us at AutoRight Collision Repair help you through the insurance claim and repair process because that is what we do. We specialize in collision repair and working with the various insurance companies is just part of the territory. By calling AutoRight Collision Repair you get a professional company that specializes in collision repair unlike a dealership that specializes in auto sales.
You have the right to choose your repair facility. See your consumer rights below.
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When you file your claim with the insurance company inform them that you have chosen AutoRight Collision Repair as your repair facility. We may be on their direct repair program but if we are not, don't worry, we will work with your insurance company and WARRANTY our work without a hassle. You are just an authorization signature away from returning your car to pre-accident condition.
The insurance company will want an estimate and pictures sent to them for review. Please bring the claim # and email address with you at the time of your estimate appointment and we will get your estimate uploaded to the insurance company as required.
Some insurance companies write their own estimates and that is their way of keeping costs within their control. If you decide to cash out then the insurance company has saved money by not including required items such as paint blends etc. If you decide you want your vehicle repairs completed by AutoRight Collision Repair just bring us a copy of the insurance estimate and we will get to work on your vehicle repairs and bill the insurance company for all of the repairs to bring your automobile back to pre-accident condition.
We know that accidents and the repair process are stressful events. We live them everyday and only want to get you back in your quality repaired vehicle as soon as possible. Relax while we complete the repair process. We will contact you thru your preferred method, text, email, or phone call and as often as you want. Once the repair is completed we will follow up with the repair satisfaction questions. We are here to help you with your vehicle needs so give us a call and we will be happy to answer your questions. 505-473-1852.
No Matter Where Your Insurance Company Steers Your Repairs, Drive Your Car To AutoRight Collision Repair.


New Mexico Law Gives You The Right To Choose The Repair Shop Of Your Choice
Often the insurance company will “steer” you to their shop of choice by using this scare tactic: “There will not be a warranty on the repairs if you do not use our direct repair facility”. The insurance company does not offer the warranty the body shop warranties their work per contract. Warranties vary greatly from shop to shop so it is important that you choose a reputable repair facility. AutoRight Collision Repair stands behind their repairs and offers a lifetime warranty as long as you own the vehicle.
New Mexico Law Does Not Require You To Submit More Than One Estimate
There is no law in the state of New Mexico that requires you to get more than one estimate or that requires you to turn into the insurance company more than one estimate. They may ask you for multiple estimates but you have the right to submit the one estimate from the repair shop of your choice. It is good to be an informed consumer so you may want to shop around for estimates of repair on your vehicle so you can compare repair shops, their staff and quality. Know that estimates vary from one shop to the next depending on the estimating program they are using etc. We are happy to review the differences and explain them to you.
We realize that you have a choice when you choose a collision repair facility. We appreciate the opportunity to provide our services and assist you with the repair process in any way we can.
We work with all insurance companies but we work for you.